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Dr. Escobar’s dedication to advanced training at the Kois Center ensures you receive top-tier dental care.

The Kois Center is a premier dental education institution located in Seattle, Washington. Established by Dr. John Kois, the center is dedicated to advancing dental professionals’ skills through rigorous, evidence-based training. The center’s curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including restorative dentistry, occlusion, periodontal therapy, and dental implantology.

Why Dr. Escobar’s Kois Center Training Matters to You

Cutting-edge Education: Dr. Escobar continuously updates his skills with the latest techniques and technologies through rigorous training at the Kois Center. This ensures you receive the most advanced and effective treatments available.

Evidence-based Approach: The Kois Center’s training is based on scientific research and clinical evidence. Dr. Escobar applies this knowledge to make informed decisions that improve your dental health and outcomes.

Comprehensive Care: Dr. Escobar’s education covers all aspects of dental care, from diagnosis to treatment planning and execution. This comprehensive approach means you receive thorough and precise care for even the most complex dental issues.

Hands-on Expertise: The Kois Center emphasizes practical, hands-on training. Dr. Escobar brings this expertise to his practice, ensuring you benefit from his refined skills and proficiency.

Personalized Treatment: Dr. Escobar is trained to provide personalized care tailored to your unique needs. His Kois Center education equips him to create customized treatment plans that prioritize your health and satisfaction.

Benefits for Our Patients

Advanced Techniques: With Dr. Escobar, you have access to the latest dental procedures, resulting in more effective and less invasive treatments.

Improved Outcomes: Evidence-based practices mean you receive treatments proven to deliver better long-term results, enhancing your overall dental health.

Enhanced Comfort: Dr. Escobar’s advanced training includes pain management and minimally invasive techniques, ensuring your comfort during and after procedures.

Preventive Care: Comprehensive training allows Dr. Escobar to address a wide range of dental issues, helping prevent problems before they arise and maintaining your oral health.

Customized Care: Dr. Escobar takes the time to understand your individual health needs and goals, providing personalized treatment plans that lead to more satisfactory and effective care.

Dr. Escobar’s commitment to continuous education and excellence in dental care ensures you receive the best possible dental experience.