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The easiest, most comfortable and pain-free way to ensure a healthy, happy smile is to brush, floss and see your dentist for regular cleanings, checkups and X-rays. For most patients, routine maintenance will ensure a healthy smile and allow for Dr. Escobar to maintain good dental hygiene starting at an early stage.

Dental Checkups

During a routine dental checkup Dr. Escobar will examine your teeth and X-rays to see if there is any obvious damage or cavities, or other issues related to your dental health. Depending on his findings, he will let you know the priority of work needed to correct any problems.

Dental Cleanings

The cleanest feeling you can get. A dental cleaning is your opportunity to brighten up your smile and remove plaque and tartar buildup. A standard dental cleaning consists of plaque removal by scaling, flossing and polishing.  Annual x-rays are often taken during one of your cleaning appointments.

Dr. Escobar may refer to a dental specialist depending on specific patient needs.